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Bathrooms are a Typical Source of Water Damage in Phoenix Homes

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Many instances of the flooding and other water damage experienced in Phoenix homes start in the bathroom. Bathrooms are a common source of water damage which can be created by overflowing toilets, overflowing sinks, under sink pipe bursts, overflowing bathtubs or water pipe leaks underneath the flooring. SERVPRO of Phoenix has water restoration specialists to help recover from the water damage cause by any issue in your bathroom.

Finding the source of water damage

While an overflowing toilet or bathtub is never easy, homeowners are usually immediately aware when the damage happens, unless they aren’t home at the time of the flood! Unfortunately, there are leaks that can happen behind the walls of bathrooms that can go on for days, weeks or even months without being suspected until the damage is significant, including the presence of mold. That’s why water damage in bathrooms can cause considerable damage. Even the more obvious issues can go undetected if the homeowner is out of town for any significant amount of time. Other times, an exceptionally high water bill is the only thing that alerts a homeowner something is amiss. Regardless, water damage needs immediate attention to help restore the bathroom quickly.

What to do after your bathroom floods

While you’re waiting for SERVPRO to arrive, here are a few water damage tips:

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions.
  • Remove wet area rugs
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer.
  • Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting.
  • Remove art objects to a safe, dry area

What happens when water damage specialists arrive

When the SERVPRO water damage team arrives, they get to work to immediately assess the damage. They’ll inspect the damage and make an assessment in order to rectify the situation. Next, they’ll use their expertise with advanced equipment to extract the water using pumps and vacuum units to rapidly remove water from your bathroom and surrounding impacted areas, which helps prevent further water damage and mold growth. Then comes drying and dehumidification to help prevent odors and mold from growing. Next, they’ll clean all the restorable items and structures damaged by the water as well as sanitizing treatments to remove odors and deodorize your property. Finally, there’s restoration, restoring your home to its pre-damage condition which might include minor repairs like replacing drywall, tile floor repair, painting, or installing new baseboards in your bathroom. More significant repairs may include tarping, boarding up, packing, and moving, or other repairs. SERVPRO of Phoenix can simplify the restoration process by handling the initial water damage mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas that will bring a building back to full functionality.

Bathrooms are a common area when it comes to water damage and flooding but choosing the best water damage restoration company can make the recovery process easier. Contact us at (480) 503-2090 to get your water damage handled quickly and professionally.

Actions to Avoid Following a House Fire

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Once a home fire has been extinguished, it’s a natural impulse to try and clean up as quickly as possible but doing so may cause more damage than good. Below is a list of actions to avoid following a house fire to help you recover quickly and safely.

Avoid using electronics

After a fire, it’s best to wait until a professional arrives on the scene to ensure electronics are safe to use. This includes TVs, computers, and DVD players. Even the A/C needs to stay off until you get the all-clear. Turning on electronics can create greater damage.

Don’t try to clean possessions on your own

While it’s tempting to grab a bucket of water and get to work, it's best if you do not clean walls, ceilings, and other similar surfaces, and wait to clean your clothing and similar garments. A professional should examine them first and provide advice. In some cases, different types of approaches to cleaning are necessary for different items to avoid causing further damage, so it’s best to wait for a fire remediation professional to give you advice before trying to clean on your own.

Toss all food in your home

Never eat anything that was in the home during the fire. Smoke, soot, and chemicals can get into everything and it’s better to be safe than sorry. It is most likely not safe to consume due to contamination from smoke, soot, or contaminants introduced to the environment when the fire was being extinguished. That includes canned goods. Heat damage may not be seen on the outside of canned goods, but the heat can re-cook the ingredients in the can causing harm.

Refrain from cleaning up after firefighters

Unfortunately, extinguishing a fire can cause a mess on its own as fire retardants and other foams or powders may have been used to stop the flames. Forgo trying to clean up any staining from the powder discharged by a fire extinguisher. It is best to let professionals guide the cleanup of these areas as they have the equipment to handle different types of chemical cleanup on a variety of surfaces.

It’s always tempting to start the cleanup process immediately and do as much as possible. The best course of action is to hire a certified professional to provide expert knowledge and service. The situation requires specialized tools and knowledge that only a professional can provide. A trusted professional will offer an after-fire checklist that will help speed along the fire and smoke damage cleanup process. Consulting a professional will help you restore your property back to like-new condition as quickly as possible. If you experience a house fire, contact SERVPRO of Phoenix 24/7 at 480-503-2090 to get the help you need.

How to Handle a Water Main Break to Minimize Damage

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

It’s unfortunate and overwhelming, but when a water main breaks, causing potential water damage, how you react is critical. A break in a water main typically affects roads and the surrounding properties, causing water damage to residential and commercial property. If you live or own property near a water main, you are also at risk of costly. What are the common signs of a break, and what should you do after it happens? 

What is a Water Main?

A water main is the main pipe that provides water throughout the city or town. Usually, most water mains and other pipes are all underground. Nowadays, water mains are constructed of concrete cement, but many older ones were constructed of cast iron or galvanized steel. Though sturdy upon installation, when a water main breaks, thousands of dollars in water damages caused by the water main break can be overwhelming.

What to Do After a Water Main Break

One of the first things you should do after the main water line breaks is call the local Water Department and report what happened. The sooner they are aware of the issue, the sooner services will resume normally, and the extent of water damages are mitigated. Limit the amount of water you use while the water main break is releasing. Don’t drink the tap water and avoid using the bath or shower, laundry machines, or the dishwasher, or any water source if possible. Inspect your property to see if there is any water damage. Be thorough in your inspection to include basements and crawl spaces impacted by water. Be sure to document any damages from the water main break that you find. Depending on the damage, contact your insurance agent and SERVPRO of Phoenix to assist with water removal and remediation. When the water main break has been repaired or replaced, run all faucets and hoses until the water is clear. Flush out your hot water tank by opening the hot water tank faucets and let them run until the water turns cool. Repeat this process a second time after about an hour so that the sediment inside will clear out. Inspect the aerator on all faucets for any debris. You many need to replace some of the aerator screens, but make sure they are all clean of any debris. Any under sinks or house water filtration systems should have their filters replaced also. For refrigerators, run the water for several minutes and then change the filter. With ice makers, let it continue to make ice, but refrain from using any of it for several days.

What Causes a Main Water Line Break?

One of the more common reasons that mains break is due to the age and the environmental temperature surrounding the main. Since installation, a water main goes through a lot of wear and tear which can lead to a failure.  When colder temperature begins to freeze the ground, the ground begins to harden and contract putting immense pressure against the water main. The water inside can freeze which as well then adds pressure pushing out from within the water main. While freezing isn’t usually an issue in Phoenix, water temperatures do cause damage too. Warmer and drier temperatures tend to make the grounds shift, crack and settle which causes some twisting and the water main breaks spraying water until help arrives If you live or work near a water main, keep an eye out for any signs of it breaking and be sure follow these tips to prevent and mitigate water damage. Most importantly, be sure to contact a water remediation company like SERVPRO to address the situation as quickly as possible. We can be reached 24/7 to help if you experience any kind of water damage. Call us at 480-503-2090 to get help quickly.

Electronics Fires Are a Risk for Most Homes

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Fires caused by electronics are on the rise in household across the country. More and more homes are investing in various types of electronics, all in need of charging at one point or another, and often left unattended while they’re charging. While there are basic safety habits that we should follow for these devices, most of us disregard these habits and put our homes at risk. When a house fire caused by electronics occurs, and the recovery process can be tough.

Preventing a house fire from electronics

Computer, tablet, and cell phone chargers need space for air circulation, as they put off a substantial amount of heat during charging cycles which must be dispersed with the right amount of ventilation. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to put these chargers by their beds, surrounded by flammable items which can cause significant heat. Devices that are covered up and not able to “breathe” can build up the heat and ignite a fire; often when no one is home to quickly extinguish the flames or asleep and unaware a fire has started. The lithium-ion batteries in these devices have containers that are pressurized and can rupture if the temperature goes up too fast or melt if they are heated for a long time. Many people think electronics fires are caused by faulty chargers, but these fires can happen when devices are on a charger or not. Following basic safety rules can protect your home from a house fire. Fire damage in your home from your electronic devices are almost entirely avoidable with a little diligence in following safety rules. Not charging your phone in or by your bed, and making sure all devices are on a hard, flat surface while charging helps avoid these disasters. Also keeping any charging electronic uncovered to allow for proper air circulation helps with overheating and potential fire damage.

If you experience an electronics fire

If you experience fire from an overheated cell phone, tablet, or other devices, there’s additional clean-up to face once the flames are extinguished. It’s best to leave the cleanup to the professionals at SERVPRO of Phoenix. SERVPRO has the training to know how to clean up your home after a fire of any kind and understand the special challenges of fires caused by electronics.

When electronics burn, they emit particles like those from burning plastics which become electrically charged are known as ionization. The particles can adhere to surfaces and can be a challenge to clean. At SERVPRO, we understand that because of this, clean up after an electronics fire takes special care to not only get rid of the smoke particles but to eliminate the acrid smell that accompanies burned plastics. Our highly trained technicians use advanced technology to clean your home, removed the damaged electronics, and address any odor issues to restore your home to pre-fire conditions. When a SERVPRO technician arrives on the scene, they’ll do a comprehensive job evaluating the situation, providing you with a clear plan ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect.

Contact us when you need help

You can rest assured that your home can be cleaned and restored by our staff thoroughly when you reach out to us at (480) 503-2090. We’re available 24/7 to help you recover from a fire caused by electronics.

Why Use SERVPRO for Your Disaster Recovery Needs?

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

No one plans for an emergency, but when disaster strikes, it’s good to know who you should call to get help with disaster recovery as quickly as possible. Learn why you should choose SERVPRO for all your disaster remediation needs.

When disaster strikes, be prepared

At different times in life, we may find ourselves in emergency situations that call for quick reactions. In cases where a home or business structure in Phoenix is being compromised by unhealthy and/or unsafe conditions, SERVPRO of Phoenix is the-fast-response you need to get relief.  Tumultuous situations should be handled by professionals with the right tools to do the job efficiently. When you are choosing your clean-up and restoration specialist company, you may be considering a few important things such as:

  • Convenient location
  • 24/7 availability
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Honesty
  • Experience
  • Latest equipment

Why SERVPRO is the answer for disaster response

In event of an unexpected disaster such as flooding, fire, or strong storm damage situations, remember, we’re here to help.  We want to make the clean-up process as easy as possible for you and reduce the amount of stress you may be feeling. SERVPRO of Phoenix has trained professionals who are quick to respond and apply the latest equipment and techniques to make your disaster look “Like it never even happened.”

What can SERVPRO assist with?

As our brand’s largest and oldest location in Arizona serving the Phoenix area, we have the experience and broad inventory of recovery equipment to handle disasters of all sizes and types. We have many qualified technicians on our team and collectively have all IICRC-certifications in restoration, remediation, abatement, reconstruction, and disaster recovery. As a long-standing member of the Arizona Multi-Housing Association and similar organizations and committees, our experienced professionals work to provide fast and effective service for all commercial and residential properties throughout Phoenix. Our services include the following:

  • Fire damage remediation
  • Storm damage remediation
  • Water damage remediation
  • Mold damage remediation
  • Professional cleaning and disinfecting services
  • Building repairs
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Commercial cleaning

If you experience a disaster of any kind, whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, contact SERVPRO of Phoenix 24/7 at 480-503-2090 to help recover from any disaster you may encounter.

It’s Not Too Soon to Prepare for AZ Monsoons

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

Monsoons in Arizona will be here before you know it, bringing damaging water with them that can threaten your home. Water from a monsoon does not have to spread over a large part of the home to cause flood damage in your home. Water in a small area can do a surprising amount of damage to ceilings, walls, flooring, and other belongings, resulting in unwanted mold growth and odors. It’s not too soon to prepare for AZ monsoons! Learn more about monsoon storm damage and what to do.

Standing water after a monsoon storm

After a significant storm, water can seep into your home. Standing water needs to be removed as quickly as possible to stop any further damage to the home and its contents after a flood. SERVPRO of Phoenix technicians can use extractors to get rid of the standing water, even in the most hard-to-reach places. We use our commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers to move air out and lower moisture in your home as quickly as possible. If the ceiling below an attic is showing signs of water saturation, we can drill small holes to assist with drying out the area faster and prevent standing water. Our technicians use moisture probes to find out where the water intrusion was so there is no potential for mold growth from untreated areas, which can also lead to unwanted odors. After drying the impacted area,  SERVPRO technicians wipe down the affected areas to sanitize and stop the growth of bacteria and microbes. If affected drywall can’t be saved through our drying techniques, damaged sagging drywall is removed for safety. Often drying is enough to eliminate odors left from water. All of this is meant to stop mold and odors from saturating the area. If there are any residual odors, we have the resources to neutralize them thoroughly. From drying to odor removal to even building services if drywall repair is needed, SERVPRO of Phoenix can help!

Damage to your home’s roof

One rather common occurrence with strong monsoon winds and rain is damaged roofs. When a roof gets damaged by strong winds or fallen trees, and water enters the attic space, flood damage removal needs to happen as quickly as possible to mitigate the amount of damage done to the roof and surrounding areas, including drywall. If the repair to the roof is not completed during the time our technicians are working, they can apply a temporary tarp or barrier to prevent any additional water from entering the home until the repair is finished. Our goal is to stop further damage and help repair the roof as quickly as possible to keep the whole home protected. We know how important a roof is in keeping a home protected and do everything we can to minimize further damage and start the repair process.

Contact us if you experience monsoon damage

SERVPRO of Phoenix is here to help 24/7 if you ever need flood removal from your home. The faster the process starts, the faster our expert technicians can make it "Like it never even happened." Call us immediately if you experience monsoon flood damage at 480-503-2090.

Why Trust SERVPRO with Your Fire Damage Cleanup

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

As a homeowner, it is worthwhile to know the right steps to take if your property suffers a fire damage incident. Different levels of fires require different restoration measures, and as a result, it is smart to contact licensed service providers to mitigate any further damage. These are professionals who are IICRC certified and use the appropriate tools and procedures to restore your contents. SERVPRO’s team is trained in all aspects of fire damage remediation. Learn more about why you should trust SERVPRO with your fire damage cleanup.

Types of fire damage

There are three kinds of fire damages that any homeowner is likely to experience - minor, medium, and major fire damages. Each is associated with varying amounts of smoke residues, affects different areas, and the severity of the damage. While wet or dry cleaning can be enough to restore minor fire damages, extensive procedures may be required when restoring specific fire disasters. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect your property to determine the extent of the damage before conducting appropriate restoration procedures. Before a SERVPRO technician starts any cleaning and restoration process, they first consult with the homeowner so that they know what to expect and what the process will be.

Getting started on fire remediation

Cleaning is one of the first procedures that may be recommended. Before this procedure can start, it is essential to know the kind of residues, the surface they are resting on, and how to find, remove and dispose of them. After pretesting and inspecting the residues, a SERVPRO technician can choose the right restoration method to use for the best results. After our SERVPRO technicians have identified the residues, they remove them using specialized techniques such as vacuuming and dissolving. When a fire burns, it gives off smoke residues that attach to the surrounding surfaces like walls, furniture floors, and décor within a home. When these residues are loosely attached to an area, removing them using vacuuming might be an option. Before performing vacuuming, our qualified technicians always ensure the area is dry. When the residues are firmly attached to the surface, dissolving them may be necessary. SERVPRO trained technicians use cleaning products to dissolve the particles and later on flush, rinse and dry the area once it is clean. After the cleaning process, SERVPRO technicians follow the local requirements to dispose of the particles. Overall, each fire damage situation is dealt with using our vetted fire restoration process. Homeowners can rest assured that regardless of how severe the damage is, they’re being assisted by trained fire damage remediation specialists that know what to do to help clean up the damage.

SERVPRO of Phoenix has several options to mitigate mold, fire, storm, and water damage disasters. Call us at (480) 503-2090 24/7 to help restore your home after disaster strikes.

Do You Really Need to Call in the Pros for a Flooded Room

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

When water damage happens to your home, it’s always an inconvenience to get it cleaned up and back to normal again. Many homeowners ask if it’s really necessary to bring in the professionals if one room floods, wondering if they can simply open up a few windows until the carpet and pad dry out. Do you really need to call in the pros for a flooded room?

When you should call a professional for water damage

There are times that you may not need our services if you experience a small amount of water damage in your home, but it’s always a good idea to find out if the damage you see is really all the damage there is. The question is: when is a good time to call in a professional water remediation service? A lot of times a homeowner or business owner may not realize how much they really need SERVPRO’s services. Unfortunately, the water damage you see is only the tip of the iceberg. A damp carpet and bad may also include water behind walls which can quickly breed mold if not checked.

Should you really dry to handle water damage yourself?

A lot of times before walking on a carpet or touching a wall, it may look dry. Oftentimes, that’s not the case. If you have a particularly damp carpet or pad, you need to ensure it gets completely dry to avoid damage, mold growth and odors. You may think that a small fan can do the job. Unfortunately, a small fan or dehumidifier may not be enough to dry everything out before the damage begins. 

If you’re in doubt, call SERVPRO

If you ever have a situation that you are not sure if you need us, we always are just a call away, and it’s better to call in the pros just to be safe and prevent further damage from occurring. Our experts know how to spot damage beyond what a homeowner may see. We have the equipment to measure the amount of moisture in carpets, pads and behind walls. Call us and we will come and provide you a free estimate to help dry out your home. We are always here to help!

If your home experiences water damage of any kind, it’s best to call in the pros to ensure the area is completely dry, and no more damage is done. Contact SERVPRO of Phoenix at 480-503-2090 and let our water remediation specialists handle your water issue!

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Most homeowners don’t think much about water damage restoration until they need it. We took the time to explain answer the question of what water damage restoration is and how you can benefit from it if you experience water damage in your home.

What is a water damage restoration service?

A water damage restoration service is the kind of professional service that no one wants to call, but when they are needed, the service they provide can greatly reduce the damages from water in the home. Homeowners know that moisture can cause destruction, capable of penetrating into just about any space and taking advantage of every little crack and a structural problem. No matter how moisture gets into the building, the response should be the same. Bringing in a certified firm as soon as possible to clean the home, dry it, and ensure there are no lingering health threats once the moisture is gone is critical. Water restoration is a specialized service that removes water from your home and restores it to a livable, pre-damaged condition. Water damage restoration can also be known as water remediation, water removal, water extraction, water mitigation, or flood cleanup.

Why is water damage restoration so important?

If water has entered the home, don’t try to handle it on your own, especially if the water is from a potentially contaminated source. Floods and sewage water should only be handled by a professional who knows how to handle the contaminated water safely. A certified water damage restoration service not only has the tools to eliminate the moisture, but they also have the protective equipment to remain free from harm. Even if the water is not contaminated, it’s important to remove all water present completely and thoroughly in the home, and address materials damaged by water. Not handling water-damaged belongings correctly, such as damaged documents, can cause further harm. It can also result in mold and odor issues if the water isn’t completely removed and the area dried.

How does water damage restoration work?

Restoration technicians have a lot of technology at their disposal. These include powerful vacuums and pumping systems, high-volume air movers, dehumidifiers, heat injectors, moisture meters, and a number of detergents formulated for destroying fungi and other microbial threats. While the technicians work on the building, disposing of compromised materials, and drying the rest, they will also destroy all mold and microbial colonies. Their job is to completely address the water damage and any impacted materials left behind. SERVPRO’s water restoration process is extremely specific and effective. It includes inspection and damage assessment, water removal and extraction, drying and dehumidification, cleaning and sanitizing, and any further restoration needed such as minor repairs to drywall, carpet, ceilings, etc.

If your home experiences any kind of water damage, don’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Phoenix. We’re available 24/7 to help you with any kind of water damage you’ve experienced. Contact us at 480-503-2090. We are here to help!

Be Prepared for the Monsoons in Arizona

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Monsoon season in Arizona is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to be prepared! Understanding monsoons, the damage they cause, and how to protect your home or business can help reduce the storm damage.

What are monsoons?

Arizona's monsoon season begins in June and typically continues through September. With it comes higher humidity, which can lead to thunderstorms, heavy rain, lightning, hail, high winds, flash flooding, dust storms and extreme heat. They typically come out of nowhere, virtually unpredictable, a rush of air known as a micro-burst. They’re quick and powerful, sweeping through the Phoenix desert in a whirlwind. Dust can be a real nuisance when it rolls in like a huge wall, known as a haboob, covering everything in a fine layer of hard to remove dirt. Though impressive to see, monsoons are damaging!

Why are monsoons considered damaging?

While initial dangers are obvious like poor visibility and dangerous driving conditions, your commercial or residential properties are also at risk from storm damages and even fire damages. Damage can include roof tiles being torn off, debris falling on your home, flooding in your home, or even lighting strikes that result in fire. It’s important to plan for these storms and follow a few safety procedures to keep your home as protected as possible. Close all doors, windows, and air vents. Be sure to secure anything outside that could potentially become a flying object within the strong winds. Also, it’s better to play it safe and don’t drive anywhere until the storm subsides.

What happens if your home experiences storm damage?

At SERVPRO of Phoenix, customer satisfaction is our top goal. We know that despite best efforts, storm damage can still happen. When it does, we dedicate ourselves to providing our storm mitigation, remediation, abatement, cleanup, and reconstruction services with genuine care. Our skilled and professional techs are trained and certified in property damage restorations for both residential and commercial properties. When the monsoon starts acting out, and should you have the unfortunate task of dealing with storm damages, call SERVPRO of Phoenix (480) 503-2090. We are available 24/7 for immediate response to your storm damage emergency.