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You May Have Water Damage in Your Home and Not Even Know It

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

Water can seep undetected into your home after a storm, pipe leak, or slow dripping cracked appliance hose issue. Left unaddressed, these small leaks can become big problems, but how do you know that you have a leak if water isn’t visible? Identifying signs of water damage to your home can make a difference in lessening the damage and the costs to repair and restore your home back to normal. By identifying and treating problems earlier, we can help to prevent situations such as mold growth and severe oxidation from causing damage to the structural components of your home. Here are a few signs that may indicate water damage in your home.

Discolored walls or materials

Many items common in homes show water damage through discoloration. Pigments used in fabrics, paints, flooring, ceilings, and other surfaces can change color when they come in contact with water. The shape, spread, and specific color of these spots can vary depending on how much water has been released, and what materials it has already come in contact with. One of the most destructive processes in a water-damaged home is color bleed from one fabric to another, but a call to SERVPRO can help to avoid color bleeding by addressing issues as quickly as possible. If you notice an odd change in colors in walls, carpets, etc. you may have water damage.

Unusual or musty odors

Several results of water damage can create unusual and off-putting odors, sometimes very soon after the damaging water incident happens. Oxidizing metals, freshly soaked wood, other materials, and long-term mold growth can all create unique and pungent odors in your home. While smells can be useful to identify a problem, you don’t want them around forever! If you notice an unusual smell in your home, call the pros to get the problem handled quickly! SERVPRO technicians use multiple deodorization methods to rid your home of any unwanted smells and approach each unique situation with action needed to address the odors.

Unusual sounds in walls and floors

Unusual sounds behind walls and below floors could be indicative of a water leak or other plumbing issue in your home. Drips may be obvious when you hear them but be alert for other unusual sounds as well. Water at high pressure inside pipes in your home can create unique sounds when something is amiss. It might be a whooshing sound or even a hum. If you hear anything unusual behind those walls, give us a call! Even the smallest of leaks can create an unusual sound and should be addressed immediately.

Buckling or indentation

Water that has been present for some time can lead to structural damage in your home. If you notice unusual cracking, buckling, or indentations in your walls or flooring, it’s a good idea to call in the pros to check it out. It may be undetected water damage and needs to be remediated as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO of Phoenix helps homeowners who experience water leaks, floods, and other disasters in their residences, helping get their homes back to normal. SERVPRO technicians are ready 24/7 to respond quickly to floods, burst pipes, and other mishaps, saving time and money by getting to the job site faster. Call us at (480-503-2090 if you experience water damage of any kind.

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